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What can I access? Access our entire database of research summaries, videos and podcast.

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How are we different?  Unlike others, our goal is to summarise top research journals and articles to provide key insights. No opinions or bias, only key ideas.

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"It's highly addictive to get core insights on personally relevant topics without repetition or triviality. Added to that the apps ability to suggest kindred interests opens up a foundation of knowledge."
Adam S.
"Great website. Good selection of summaries from top journals you can read or listen to while commuting. Instead of scrolling through your social media news feed, this is a much better way to spend your spare time in my opinion."
Andrea W.
"Life changing. The concept of being able to grasp a article's main point in such a short time truly opens multiple opportunities to grow every area of your life at a faster rate."
Kiara M.

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