The article discusses how people can accurately judge someone's narcissism based on their physical appearance, specifically their eyebrows. The researchers conducted three studies to explore the role of eyebrows in perceptions of narcissism.In Study 1, they found that people primarily depend on eyebrows to accurately judge narcissism. In Study 2, they identified eyebrow distinctiveness (e.g., thickness, density) as the primary characteristic supporting these judgments. primary characteristic supporting these judgments.

Finally, in Studies 3A and 3B, they confirmed the importance of eyebrows by measuring how much perceptions of narcissism changed when swapping narcissists' and non-narcissists' eyebrows between faces.The researchers suggest that eyebrows may be the most expressive feature of the face, serving several important social functions. Eyebrows contribute to a broad range of emotional expressions, such as anger, fear, happiness, and surprise.