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👨 Our target audience - research enthusiasts, journalists and especially students who want to speed up their research process for various topics.
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I'm Janhvi (Computer Scientist) and along with my childhood friend, Anshika (UX/UI designer), I co-founded 'Outread'. We want to democratise access to research articles and discoveries. As a child I would always ask the big question like, "How big is the universe?" or "Can we be immortal?". As I got older, I realised that there are people researching these topics everyday and releasing new findings as we get closer to answering some of the biggest questions. My dad once mentioned that “our body is an amazing machine and we barely know anything about it.” And I remember thinking to myself, that this holds true for most of the things around us. There's so much we don't know about the world and new discoveries are being made everyday. Yet a majority of us are unaware. Research articles are a great way to gain insight into how things work. But most people find reading research articles to be time-taking and certain terminilogies can be hard to understand. Outread simplifies the complex ideas from top research articles. We pick key insights from a research article and present them in a digestible summary with easy to understand language. We’re bringing you closer to understanding the world around you.