Cues of Fatigue

Can sleep deprivation change your facial appearance?

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Medicine and Health

In order to communicate effectively, human beings use a number of different gestures to convey their thoughts and feelings. Facial expressions are considered the strongest evidence of someone’s emotions. By using the muscles in the face, one can portray sorrow, bliss, rage, guilt, confusion, and uneasiness during daily social interactions. So maybe fatigue and weariness, developing the urge to rest, can be depicted by facial expressions too. Individuals with inadequate sleep appear to be energy-drained, unhealthy, and dull as compared to those who are well rested. Proper sleep is essential for a sound mind and a healthy body. But how and which facial gestures can display tiredness owing to lack of sleep needs to be scientifically proven. It was hypothesised that lack of sleep and tiredness were related to sadness and nine other facial indicators.