Dreaming About Cats: An Online Survey

How often and why do people dream about cats?

8 mins
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For decades, cats have been amongst the most beloved animals domesticated by mankind globally. As pets, cats are more prevalent than dogs. For instance, 23% of the total population owns approximately 14 million cats. On account of the close association of mankind with cats on a daily basis, it would be presumed that cats appear more often in dreams as per the continuity hypothesis of dreaming. Many people dream of dogs and horses frequently. A cat person dreams of cats more than dogs. Typically, individuals working for animal welfare dream about animals but also declare an abundance of cat dreams. So maybe they especially love cats. In a study, it was found that among 129 cat dreams, 7.75% were negative because the person was bitten or scratched by the cat in the dream, whereas 34.11% were positive, where humans adored and played with the cat. Bad experiences in everyday routine with cats might induce undesirable cat dreams.