Exploring the Phenomenon of Masstige

Luxury for the Masses.

15 mins
What is it about?




Okay, so imagine that there's a kind of product that used to only be for rich people, but now it's becoming more popular and affordable for regular people too. This is called "Masstige" marketing. It's when companies try to sell luxury products to the middle class and make it more accessible to a wider group of people.

The article talks about how this idea of Masstige has changed over time, and how it's different from regular luxury marketing. The authors also looked at a bunch of other studies about Masstige to see what they said and what they missed. They found that there was a lot of confusion about what Masstige really is, so they tried to make it clearer by creating a new model called the "Mass-Luxury Continuum".

In the past, luxury products were only for the rich, and the price was a big part of what made them luxury. But now, people are more interested in getting that fancy feeling for a lower price. So companies are making more affordable luxury products, and it's becoming a big opportunity for them to make more money. People all over the world like this idea of affordable luxury, and companies are taking advantage of it by creating a new market segment called Masstige.