The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Marketing

Acquiring and retaining customers through innovative approaches.

8 mins
What is it about?




Entrepreneurial Marketing is the combination of two discrete management areas. Existing as distinct disciplines, entrepreneurship and marketing have emerged to capture the several facets of marketing that are often not explained by existing traditional marketing theories and concepts. The first decade of EM (1987–1997) was characterized by founding steps with scholars from both Marketing and Entrepreneurship disciplines finding a home to pursue the debate about this unique interface. The second decade (1998–2008), best described as adolescence, saw the emergence of a discourse on EM and SME marketing, publications of research approaches, and a solid international collaborative leadership from US, Europe, and UK scholars with the backing of an international Advisory Board. The interface came of age in the third decade (2009–2019) that saw a growth in dedicated journal special issues as more and more scholars were doing EM research. These special issues and publications ran different themes highlighting how widely EM has been adopted.