Using Online Marketing to Increase Performance in SMEs.

How SMEs should utilise online marketing to reach global markets.

9 mins
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International e-commerce is coming of age, boosted by new consumer behaviors and large-scale political efforts aimed at creating well-functioning digital markets through supporting infrastructures and regulations. For SMEs to be able to leverage these favorable conditions, they need to develop relevant digital capabilities. These capabilities can be used to interpret market signals and develop technical solutions that support international e-commerce. The OMC (online marketing capabilities) concept refers to the ability of a company to use the internet for marketing their products. While recognizing the relevance of OMC, research has, however, not explained how this specific capability relates to international performance. This study investigate the relevance of applying a capabilities perspective to explain international performance among SMEs engaged in international e-commerce. The authors suggest that OMC is important for these companies to tackle marketing challenges and navigate in the online environment.