Mental Health Problems in PhD Students

Influence of the research environment on the mental health of PhD students.

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Medicine and Health

Researchers have been expressing matters related to the influence of the research environment in universities on the mental health issues of students. University environment is considered stress-free but work-related stress surrounding the research scholars signals that it is critically prevailing and increasing. Young research scholars who encounter job insecurity are more prone to such stress. Individuals hesitate to seek help regarding their mental health as they fear society and its impact on their future. As PhD students contribute to the scientific and technological advancement of a country, their poor mental health can cause a general negative impact on the quality and quantity of research findings. PhD students often work as teams on important projects, so the mental health issues of one teammate can deteriorate the results of the whole team. Growing demand for new scientific developments are crucial for a country’s economy but due to mental illnesses, many PhD research scholars are signing out of universities, so less research work is conducted. These facts exhibit that the mental health of PhD students is important.